Monday, February 23, 2009

Poor Ian

First, I took this picture Friday morning. I just love this picture and had to share! I went out with Ian when he was waiting for the bus and took a bunch of pictures of him playing in the snow.

Friday night I had a Tupperware party here and one of Ian's friends and his sister came with their Mom so Joe took them all upstairs to play during the party. We were just starting and hear a big crash and then screaming. I went upstairs to find Ian and Joe in the bathroom with blood all over Ian's face. He had fallen off the top of his bunk bed (his friend, Emma and Ian were all playing up there) and landed on his face.

He has a bump on his forehead and a bruise on his nose and upperlip. Friday night his nose was swollen and he had dark circles under his eyes. We thought we were going to have to take him to the Doctor Saturday morning but it wasn't as bad as we were expecting.

I took this picture Saturday morning. We kept asking him how his nose is and he just said it was sore.

He is pretty happy today though because school is cancelled and Joe is home until probably 11am or so. It is still snowing like crazy! I'll have to go out later to see if I can get some pictures.


Amy said...

Awww...I felt so bad for him when you told me what had happened! Poor little guy...hope he keeps on feeling better! Give him a big hug for me, please!
Love you all! xoxo

Just Plain Happy said...

Who could resist those big brown eyes? Tell Ian to be thankful his nose isn't as long as his Grampie's! Imagine how that would hurt?