Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A card, some answers and we have strawberries!

First, this is another one of the cards we did at the last stamp camp. I used a sketch I found for the starting point of this card but I can't remember now where I found the sketch (sorry, if I find it I will add a link).

I had a couple of questions over the last little while that I haven't answered yet. I apologize for that, between being sick with a cold the last month and everything else that has been going on I keep forgetting to answer them.

I am going back and checking the posts from the last while but if I missed something please add a comment to this post and I will edit it at the bottom to answer.

Josee asked where I got my Copic markers from. I have been ordering all my copics from Hanna Stamps (<----- click here to go to the site). When I ordered mine they had them in sets but they are out right now, you can still order them individually (I got a "few" yesterday. LOL). They are excellent to order from. Paulette asked where to get a good deal on Nestibilities. I bought all of my nestabilities from Scrappin' Great Deals and I think I got a good deal on them ;-) It is the best price I have seen and the shipping if free if you spend over $100..........not hard to do. LOL!

Paulette asked "was this just a regular bottle cap or a craft bottle cap? could you use a hammer?" (from this post). It was a regular bottle cap, my friend Pam supplied me with the ones I used but I'm sure you could get them anywhere that sells wine making supplies (that is where she got them). I think you could use a hammer. You would probably want to put something solid over it to make it flatten evenly.

Paulette asked if I used a tri-pod for the pics in this post................nope. I just held the camera as still as I could. I think because it was dark and the sparkler was moving anyway it didn't matter if I moved the camera a bit.

Angie asked what "Ghosting" would be used for (see this post ).............I have no idea. LOL! I think it is just a fun technique.

Look at our strawberries!! Soooo exciting.................


Happy Stamper said...

Karen, You are the 'Ann Landers' of paper crafting..I'll be asking for your autograph when you come home! I am so proud of you, the knowledge you have AND a little envious of ALL of those supplies...sigh, I have NO copic markers and only TWO sets of nestabilities.
Love the card, BTW.

Paulette said...

Karen, thanks for answering all of my questions...you are so sweet! the strawberries must be just about ready!!!! I loved the card you posted on your birthday...happy belated birthday!!! It was so good to see you in the Valley...happy summer Karen :o)