Friday, April 27, 2007

What happens when Mommy is blogging?

Daughter gets into messes!

During my last post Emma was in a mood so she was sitting on the couch watching tv (so I thought). What I didn't realize was that she had found the penaten cream on the shelf behind the couch and was trying to take the cover off. She didn't succeed but she did manage to get the cream that was on the side of the tin on her hands and then into her hair.

Lucky Daddy got to give her a bath since Mommy's back still isn't great.

This is why Grampie calls her the "brown eyed terd".


Happy Stamper said...

And Grammie says, "She is the cutest brown eyed terd!"
Way to go Emma! What goes 'round comes 'round, Karen.

Allison said...

Hilarious...and so much like my DD. This morning she rubbed her hands through the ketchup and then ran her hands through her hair. I suspect it might be a lot easier to clean out than penaten!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I will not give you a hard time again for not posting as quickly as I would like....someone as cute as could you take the time to post cards when you could be with her!!!! PS: But when she is asleep you could give me one or two!!!!!! D

Angie said...

We all have stories like that one!!! And we love to hear others too.

Angela & Eleanor said...

That's 2 funny.. I'm peeing in my pants just laughing.. lol... Oh, My I hope that doesn't happen to me.. Gotta go..