Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Stamper (aka Mom). I made this card last night with Mom's Birthday in mind but decided it would make a nice "e-card" so now I have to make another card today and send it late. Oops. I kind of forgot to send one last week so I will have to make a really great one to make up for it! Any excuse to make cards, right?

I hope you have a great Birthday, Mom and wish we were there to celebrate with you. I hope you have lots of time to stamp today.

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Happy Stamper said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for the card! I don't own this stamp set and now I am thinking I really should have it! I do plan to stamp today. Wish you were here to stamp with me. I have some cards to catch up on too.
As one of my Stamper Friends signs off,
'Til We Stamp again,