Friday, May 29, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane.........

Well, not really a jet plane but I am leaving this morning to go to my parent's for the weekend. I am going all by myself! Of course, I am leaving in about 2 hours and have only just started packing this morning while I was getting Ian ready for the bus.

I'm so excited! We are taking a class at Paulette's and I am going to take a mini album I started at PAAT just in case we get to scrapbook. We are probably taking in some Apple Blossom festivities and hanging out with my family.

I know I've been neglecting this blog................sorry. I'm not really sure if anyone is even checking in anymore but I am going to try to post more regularly again once I get back. I'm not doing my classes anymore so there shouldn't be any excuses why I don't have time.

Ok, gotta go pack! I have a new book that is waiting for me to start it once I am on the ferry :)


Just Plain Happy said...

Hey Karen,
You are here but I wanted you to know I do check your blog and hope you post again soon. We have had a fantastic Funfilled weekend and I am going to miss you when you go. I will see you soon though, when we come to see Emma in her dance recital.

Amy said... seems to me that you've been home for awhile now and still no new post as promised! hehehe! Just putting a little bug in your ear! ;o) See you soon! xoxo