Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I wish.......

Angie commented on the last post that she thought I was in Florida with my parents........I wish :)

We had a storm here yesterday and I think we got around 16 inches of snow! Joe had to stay at work last night (not because of the storm) so he wasn't home to plow the driveway this morning. We have the best neighbors though! They came down with the tractor and plowed out the driveway. I was just going to leave it so Joe could, um......play with his tractor :)

I have to post a couple of pictures that I took last week, just beacuse I love them!

The first one is Ian after his haircut. He wanted it spiked in the front so I cut is quite short. I think he looks so much older with it cut.

The second one is Emma ready to go to Playgroup. The coat was probably my favorite find from when I was in Bangor. It was from Gap. I think the regular price on it was $68 and it was marked down to $16.95! I kind of wish I had gotten the one in the bigger size too for next year. It has felt flowers down the front! Sooo cute!

I scrapbooked last night! Whoo hoo! I did a 2-page layout and I finished another one I had started back in October. They are both fairly simple but I am happy with how they turned out and the fact that I got some scrapping done. I have to start working on projects for stamp camp and the next few classes but I am planning on taking the time to scrapbook more in between. I'll try to share some every once in a while too.

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Angie said...

I LOVE THE JACKET!!!! Olivia is now officially the fussiest kid in the planet! I bought her a new winter coat yesterday because she is growing out of her columbia one!!! NO WAY!! She was not wearing the new jacket ever, because it was too puffy! (What the $#@!...puffy?) So I put it back in the bag and it is going back today! Remember that jacket I bought in Moncton at Winners with all the embrodery on it? (Thats too puffy too...)ahhhhhh!